VoIP Services

Use VoIP to usher in the future of telecommunications for your business.

Phone communication used to happen over landlines. That was then. Today, companies from all over the world are using the internet for phone communication. There are a variety of benefits to using VoIP (Voice over IP) for your telecommunication needs—like decreased cost. You can say goodbye to expensive phone bills by switching to this system since all communication takes place over the internet. That’s just one of the many benefits of switching.

Thinking about transitioning? For more information about VoIP, contact us at (403) 537-5850 or email us at info@titansg.ca. We’re always ready to answer any questions you might have.

Titan Solutions partners with Fonality to provide IP-based telephony systems. In fact, we love it so much that we use it ourselves. We can service small offices or even large sized companies with multiple branches in different locations. A few of Fonality’s features include:

  • Hosted PBX System – Host your phone system on Fonality’s servers instead of worrying about a physical PBX box at your location. This cuts the headache out of owning, setting up, and managing any hardware or software on premises.
  • Hybrid PBX System – Need something in-between an on-site and cloud-based system? Fonality offers a hybrid approach, allowing businesses to keep communication hardware at their location while the user and administrative controls stay in the cloud at Fonality. This keeps call security and call control at the discretion of the customer.
  • Unified Communications – Manage your phone calls, voicemail, instant messaging, email, video conferences, and every other kind of communications on one screen.
  • Drag and Drop Call Handling – Put calls on hold or drop calls with a click.
  • Integration with Mobile Devices – Use your mobile devices to make calls with your business phone number.
  • Flexible Auto-Attendant – The automated system saves you time with flexible menu selection.
  • Video Collaboration – Skip the phones and talk with your team over a quick video chat. This added feature helps make meetings more personal, and is included with Fonality’s VoIP service.
  • Smart call forwarding – “FIND ME” Boomerang feature, managed by individual user or centrally by Administrator.
  • Easy access to voicemail – from the web, and receive voicemail e-mails on your devices.
  • Scheduling different call routing – AUTO-ANSWERING during weekends and holidays, pre-recorded greetings for different times of day.
  • Assign DID’s to individual extensions – All from just a few clicks within a web browser, change anytime as needed.
  • Call Recording – RECORD important calls for future review and monitor customer service experiences.
  • Intelligent Call Reporting – IT automatically generates Excel sheets with detailed call reports.

Feel free to call us at (403) 537-5850 or email us at info@titansg.ca to learn more about our what VoIP can do for your business, big or small!