“Titan SG always picks up the phone right away, regardless of the time of day or night, and delivers a quick and effective resolution to whatever issue we have – whether remotely or by coming onsite.  Our staff love working with them and we are in great hands. Titan SG makes IT purchasing decisions easy by providing a complete offering of hardware and software at very competitive prices. As we continue to expand our business we need to add new systems but don’t want to spend the time price shopping IT hardware. Titan SG has earned our trust so we never have to worry about purchasing new equipment. We know that the price is always spot on.”

Rick Mooers, Managing Director – Sprouse Fire and Safety.

“Titan SG delivers superior solutions to our business while attaining the best possible return for our IT dollar spend.”

Marc Rheaume / Vice President / Hospitality Inns Ltd.

“Titan Solutions has taken care of our computers and servers since 2013 and we’re very happy with the results and the support provided. Everything is working better than ever and I highly recommend using them.”

K Taylor / Hotel Blackfoot

“They took a very bad situation and were able to turn it around quickly for us, we suffered very little downtime because of their quick and effective response.  All of the efforts in planning and recovering from this attack were included in our monthly support contract. Titan SG provides excellent value for our IT support spend.  Sprouse has been approached by a number of other IT Services companies over the years and no one offers the all-inclusive services at such an attractive price point as what we enjoy from Titan SG.  We initially opted for a ‘fee for services’ support model where we paid hourly for support and then moved to a Managed Support model that harmonized our monthly support costs which has allowed us to budget more effectively.”

Rick Mooers, Managing Director – Sprouse Fire and Safety

“We would emphatically recommend Titan on the basis of the quality of the service we have received. They provide great communication, trust, and response times.”

Torval Mork / Fathom Energy

“They provide IT support because we're not big enough to have an internal IT guy ourselves. They pretty much do it all for us, and whenever we have an issue they almost immediately look at it. I'd highly recommend them.”

Dan Molineaux / Spalding Hardware Systems

“They are really good people, and easy to work with, and quite approachable - you get the feeling right away that they are looking to solve issues for you, and are willing to work around some other constraints you might have.”

Scott Warner / Hotel Blackfoot

“Over 20 years in a business relationship is truly an indicator of how much AKITA believes in Titan Solutions' capability. Titan fully understands what our business needs and requires to sustain in terms of technology innovation and business development; their recommendation is one of the deciding factors.”

Raymond Yu, VCP / IT Administrator / AKITA Drilling Ltd.

“We get the right support exactly when we need it, at a savings of over 35% over our previous vendor. Titan SG is a great partner and we trust them implicitly.”

Randy Repas / President / Sprouse Fire and Safety Ltd.