Stay safe (both physically AND digitally) at this year’s Calgary Stampede!

The Calgary Stampede has been a staple of the local culture around here for over a century. First held in September of 1912, the Stampede featured roping and horse events with competitors from across North America. While much of it is the same today, much has changed as well. New attractions, a veritable smorgasbord of food options, energy efficient technology, online ticketing and more have changed the face of the Stampede into a modern and relevant event.

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Just as the Calgary Stampede has changed, so has the audience. What were once frontiersmen and fans of vaudeville are now the smartphone-toting, tech-savvy people of today. With this new technology comes a need for security and peace of mind.

Those attending the Stampede are there to relax and have a good time, not to worry about what would happen if they lost their smartphone. That’s why effective mobile security and management is so important. With the right knowledge, you can ensure that your smartphone — and all the vital information within it — is secure, backed up, and free from unnecessary risks.

As a preferred Calgary I.T. service provider and proud supporter of the Stampede, Titan Solutions Group would like to offer these vital tech tips to this years’ Stampede-goers:

  • Be wary of joining free, unsecured Wi-Fi networks: Open networks are convenient, but also dangerous. It’s not uncommon for cyber criminals to use unsecured Wi-Fi to target ordinary users like yourself.
  • Backup your vital files: Whether you lose your phone, drop it in the mud, or have it stolen, it’ll be good to know that your Calgary Stampede tickets, irreplaceable photos, and other data is backed up to the cloud to DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive or a similar service.
  • Beef up your smartphone security: Just in case you lose your phone, be sure to enable the security feature that will wipe its memory after a certain number of failed password attempts.

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