Microsoft Office 365

Introducing a more connected, versatile Microsoft Office.

Titan Solutions helps to migrate users from their own in-house Exchange and old versions of Office, to Microsoft Office 365.

The new Office 365 boasts advanced features like cloud connectivity, sharing, and support for users to work on the same documents simultaneously. For Exchange, the many benefits of moving to the cloud from security and logistical standpoints have made it an easy decision for many businesses to make the switch. The solution also includes Video Conferencing!

If you’re ready to migrate to Microsoft Office 365 with Titan Solutions, call us at (403) 537-5850 or email us at to talk with us about making the switch.

Office 365 not only helps your team communicate better, but it can also protect your business and cut costs. Some features include:

  • Reduced risk in your IT environment by hosting your email in the cloud instead of on-site. This eliminates the risk of natural disasters or other events compromising your communication history.
  • Lowered upfront costs by reducing locally-hosted servers, upgrade fees, and licensing issues by unloading the service to Microsoft.
  • Syncing to mobile devices for you to easily access your emails worldwide on Microsoft’s cloud platform.
  • A faster and more reliable connection to Microsoft’s Cloud servers than is possible with your local internet provider to your own local servers.  Backup power and generators in the data centers ensure your email will always work when you need it.
  • Scalable monthly cost with the per-user plan. If your business increases or decreases in size, you can alter the monthly plan accordingly.
  • Larger mailboxes that are 25 GB in size.
  • No more Office version issues because with Office 365 you always have the latest version of Office. Everyone in your organization will now be on the same version of Microsoft Office!

We can help make the transition to Office 365 a smooth one. Talk with us today by either calling us at (403) 537-5850 or emailing us at to find out how much Microsoft Office 365 could help your business.