Clients We Serve

Servicing the hospitality industry from check-in to check-out.

Our team works with a group of hotels, making us particularly knowledgeable and agile in this industry.

We also provide flexible IT solutions across any industry by realizing that every business is different. We assess the needs of each client and build a solution that fits their needs. We’ll help you solve your technological challenges.

Call us at (403) 537-5850 or email us at to get more information about how we can build a unique solution for you.

The hospitality industry is extremely complex. From front desk to accounting, door locks and events, food and beverage and even entertainment, hotels can prove to be a challenging environment when it comes to IT/IS. Luckily our teams are nimble, knowledgeable, and thorough to prevent problems and make sure guests are getting the best experience possible. A few components we take care of in the hospitality industry include:

  • Property Management Systems – We make sure systems managing reservations, room inventory, guest assignments and room upkeep are running smoothly.
  • Guest Room Door Locks and Access Control – As a Kaba certified installer for Saflok and other products in Canada, Titan Solutions is uniquely equipped to ensure your guest room security is working perfectly.
  • Guest Experience and Energy Management – Partnering with Inncom by Honeywell and other leading guest experience vendors, Titan Solutions can equip your property with smart thermostats that control room temperatures efficiently, saving you money and providing the best possible guest experience.
  • Employee Wage and Time Management – Systems overseeing the management of employees are important. They track their time, manage wages, and our team works to keep these systems running without a hitch.
  • Events and Banquets – Don’t worry about the IT side of your event, just worry about keeping your guests happy.
  • Food and Beverage Point of Sale – Take orders, make payments, and keep your restaurant or store operating efficiently.
  • Wired/Wireless Network – We keep your guests online and connected throughout the entirety of their stay.

To take advantage of our IT services, call us at (403) 537-5850 or email us at to speak with one of our representatives.