Akita Drilling LTD

AKITA Drilling LTD. trusts Titan Solutions Group to provide responsive and effective IT solutions. 

AKITA Drilling LTD. is a premium oil and gas drilling contractor with operations across Western Canada, in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. AKITA’s growth comes from a strategy that’s focused on building new rigs and retrofitting existing rigs to meet the specific requirements of discerning customers.

It is this high level of specialization and a legacy of consistently strong engineering that have enabled AKITA to secure long-term contracts with customers who request specific rig configurations while simultaneously creating opportunities for continual upgrades within their own fleet.

AKITA connected with our founder Rick Moores before he began Titan Solutions Group.  “The relationship started way back with MTS Allstream in mid-1990’s with Rick Moores who was the founder of Titan Solutions,” says Raymond Yu, VCP and IT Administrator for AKITA. “Titan has committed the best talent in the industry to support AKITA over the last 20 years, and we are highly satisfied with the services and recommendations that Titan has supplied.”

In one instance, Titan Solutions Group went above and beyond the call of duty by researching technological solutions on AKITA’s behalf with third party IT experts.

“Unlike other consultant firms, Titan contacted numerous external IT experts to answer many questions and provide insights on different technologies without incurring extra cost to AKITA,” says Raymond.

Aside from exceptional situations, Titan Solutions Group has continually provided undeniably effective and modern IT support for AKITA for over 20 years.

“Over the years, Titan’s on-site service has served AKITA well with evolving technologies and industry insights,” says Raymond. “Titan always provides the highest standard of service and 24×7 support.”

To this day, Titan Solutions Group continues to provide cost-effective IT solutions for AKITA, including:

  • IT/IS management
  • Technical service
  • Weekly on-site service

“Over 20 years in a business relationship is truly an indicator of how much AKITA believes in Titan Solutions’ capability,” says Raymond. “Titan fully understands what our business needs and requires to sustain in terms of technology innovation and business development; their recommendation is one of the deciding factors.”

Get in touch with Titan Solutions Group at (403) 537-5850 or info@titansg.ca today to benefit from our proactive and high-value support. We can help you like we helped Akita Drilling LTD., with the most effective IT support available today.