About Us

“Things have never been so good, now that Titan is taking care of us.”

We hear that a lot, and it’s our goal is to hear you say that. Though we have experience with many industries, we love taking the time to build trust and familiarity with each one of them. When you call, the same person services you every time.

Titan Solutions was originally founded to fill a gap created when a large Canadian telecom decided to drop its managed services offering. Titan was able to continue to service these clients who had lost support, and the company grew from there with positive referrals. Since we’ve serviced so many industries, we have a list of recommendations for any business based on past experience. Our maturity as a managed service provider is one of our biggest assets.

With us, you can enjoy interacting with the same person every day. We don’t rotate staff like other managed service providers; our questions are always new, because we’re already up to speed. Ultimately our relationships with clients are based on trust, familiarity, and even friendship. From many diverse industries we’ve seen it all, and because of that, we know how to service them. Not only is it a better business decision to outsource technology handling to an experienced partner, but it’ll also cost you less. This is an ever-evolving field, and we’re committed to evolving with it to continue to provide you with not just any solution, but your solution.

Companies find it difficult to maintain a high level of expertise with in-house IT staff. Most have limited hours and lack exposure to different infrastructures. In comparison, we have an agile team who have been exposed to many infrastructures and are ready to be your experts.

  • We save you the cost of recruiting, HR, vacation, sick days, benefits, and other costs associated with an in-house IT staff.
  • Enjoy talking with the same person every day. We don’t rotate our staff.
  • We find a solution that’s right for you, period.

We’re an IT solution that’s fluid. This might mean more or less involvement from us, based on what you need. Just know that we’re there when you hit a snag, and we’ll ramp up our resources to solve the problem quickly. We’re truly your solution.

“Over 20 years in a business relationship is truly an indicator of how much AKITA believes in Titan Solutions' capability. Titan fully understands what our business needs and requires to sustain in terms of technology innovation and business development; their recommendation is one of the deciding factors.”

Raymond Yu, VCP / IT Administrator / AKITA Drilling Ltd. See All Client Testimonials